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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Body Shop - The Results

Back in September, I posted about several projects I finally decided to tackle. Well, tonight I can finally post the results of those efforts involving Greenstuff, pins, and patience.

First up is Seabiscuit the Pegasus from Superior. Instead of having to send him off to some sad end, I pinned his broken left rear leg. He just needs his wings reattached and he'll be ready to fly off into the sunset with Bellerophon.

Next up is Pinhead, a C28 giant who was missing his neck. I built up some Greenstuff around the pin, and tried to add a little bit of texture on the front using my other C28 as a guide. My texturing efforts will mostly be hidden when I glue his head on, but no worries, I was using this as a learning project - I really just wanted his head to have a place to sit properly.

And here he is with his newly-acquired head and massive bone club in hand:

The pair of Greater Gelugons with their missing right horns/antennae was a bit more challenging than the previous two jobs. Inserting pins, bending and trimming them to proper lengths and shapes, and then building them up with Greenstuff. Overall, I'm happy with the results. The one on the left looks a bit better than the other one, but the most important thing is that they have been repaired and will be sturdier than simply gluing a new horn on and dealing with the inevitable breakage at some point down the road.

Perhaps inspired by the results of my sculpting (heh), I decided to create a weapon for the other C28 giant on the workbench.

I love this guy's Darth Maul-like head, but I didn't have any weapons in the bits box to equip him with. What I did have was the head of Krusk's axe and a Reaper polearm from Weapon Pack I. I pinned the polearm to the back of the axe, and added the axe haft. Here are the results so far:

I need to bulk up the haft a little bit, and maybe add a grip of rich Corinthian leather (Vo-lar-e...) or something like that. I'm hoping the end result will be a lethal-looking battle axe with a nasty spike on the reverse side for punching through dragon scales or a paladin's +5 full plate.

If you want to see how Liquid Nails works in place of Greenstuff, check out this post by Mike over at Swords & Dorkery. Nice results from an unassuming product!

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