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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lead Market Report - April 2012

Late again! Here is the very much overdue April 2012 LMR. I guess I'm going to have to bite the bullet and do a combined May/June LMR.

CITADEL: Is it just me, or have more of the AD&D minis been cropping up lately? This trio of character 3-packs were only $15 each, pretty much a righteous buy in my book. It's just a guess, but I think this Red Dragon only sold for $41 because it did not say "Citadel" anywhere in the listing.

The Encounter at Khazad-Dum is a great set, and $43 seems like a good price for a NIS copy. And there were a couple of my coveted C28 giants on the block: this one for $20, and this one that went UNSOLD at $15. How the frack did I miss bidding on that?

DARK HORSE: Glaug Pod.Glaug Pod? It sounds like something your order in Munchen ("Glaug pod, bitte!") that comes on a platter piled with with sauerkraut, and it best washed down with one of those Exxon Valdez-sized tankards of beer. This Officer's Glaug Pod sold for $86, which would hopefully buy you and your buddies at least one round at the Hofbrauhas Munchen.

GRENADIER: This female giant is not one of my favorites, but collectors are willing to pay for her nonetheless. $23.50 brought this painted one home.

HERITAGE: The WWII bug bit me big-time, to the tune of $66 for this shrinkwrapped box of Panzertroops Infantry Assault in mint condition! And yes, when I received it, I opened it. I will do a complete writeup on this nifty set sometime this summer. I would have bid on this Heritage LOTR Painting Guide that sold for $20.50 but the Panzertroops box killed my budget at the time. This three-pack of White Boxes was a BIN bargain at $45.

Dammit Scotty, I need more lead! Some Trekkie (don't get your knickers in a bunch if you prefer Trekker) forked over $199 for this lot of Star Trek heavy metal.

RAL PARTHA: I love to see little lots of old lead, especially giants! At $10 per giant, this was a decent deal for the buyer, in particular because they are in pristine, unpainted condition. And this pair of female giants says to me that you guys love tall chicks! The furs and club version sold for $15, while her sword and mail sister went for $8.

How do you tell someone that they have a giant snake growing out of their neck? You don't. You just pay $152.50 for his likeness in miniature and keep walking. DON'T make eye contact with Molydeus!

Takhisis continues to impress, even unboxed models like this one that sold for $101.01 - wow! A French seller moved one for an even more impressive $142.50 (as well as an unsold Dracolich that didn't get any bites at a start of $95).

BattleTech: When you can buy 5 Mechs for $7 each, and one of the Mechs is a Warhammer, I would consider that a great buy (even when one of the Mechs looks like it is missing an arm). The same seller sold this lot of 7 Mechs for $40, still a good buy even though the Warhammer is missing an arm. Compare that to loose Warhammers ($21, $19) and Riflemen ($19) - see what I mean?

Carded Mechs, in particular unseen Marauders, are still able to pull down the big bucks, like this Marauder IIC for $110. At least shipping was free!

I don't know if these two paint sets are RP or not, but I'm sticking them here. Clan Jade Falcon went for $40, and Clan Wolf sold for $19. I wonder if the paints were still good???

REAPER: I can't believe this LE boxed set, The Druid's Stone, sold for $8.10 - good news if you were the buyer!

WOTC: If you're into Chainmail minis, this lot was right up your alley - 21 boxes for less than $3/box with shipping! Sure, there are duplicates, but a bargain is a bargain, I always say.

LOTS: Anytime you can buy minis for around .50/mini, you're doing pretty well. This lot of 144 sold for $77, and I could see a Grenadier Demogorgon and that ugly gal from Pinnacle Dark Crystal set I talked about here. This lot of 111 sold for $148, but the lead was totally old school - lots of Custom Cast and Minifigs, among others - but it also came with some ODD booklets and ancient dice. Going even higher was this lot of 90+ figures for $170. I'm not sure exactly why, other than it is way old school, with some Heritage LOTR, John Carter, and things of that nature included. This lot of 20 blisters included a Citadel AD&D and RP 11-series, and worked out to be less than $4/blister at $72 for the bunch. And this mixed lot that sold for $42 had some interesting stuff, including a DragonTooth D76 Dragon that appeared to be missing its head! If Grenadier LOTR is your thing, you probably saw this $50 lot. And this is a nice lot of older stuff, I'm just not sure if it was $78 nice or not.


Jon Briggs said...

That lot for $170 went so high because of the VFW minifigs... there were cavorting imps, demon attacking girl and other demons, and best of all, the Grand wizard's creations including the cock o' doom!

TopKat said...

Thanks for the info, Jon. I know the VFW stuff usually goes for big bucks, but I don't always recognize it at first glance. Cock o' Doom? Sounds like it should go with the "Ass Cannon" (Chaos Siege Cannon) from GW!