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Friday, May 27, 2011

The Lead Market Report - March/April 2011

Time to play catch-up! Let's dive right into this, shall we?

Archive: It's always cool to find some old-school lead (and I do mean lead) still in the blister or on the card. This Sharkadillo sold for $37, and this Dungeon Nasties II went for $23, which is a bargain considering it has 4 minis including a very cool beholder in it. I think this unofficial LOTR Fellowship set (with packaging) for under $30 was a good bargain at about $3 per mini.

Citadel: The Citadel/GW collectors have been known to throw down a couple of bucks to get their stuff, as demonstrated by this lot of 5 Star Trek The Motion Picture bags topping $105.

Grenadier: How about a complete set of Traveller Alien Animals for almost $57? The Imperial Marines set was a bit cheaper at $33.51. For you Gamma World fans, this Adventurers set has a worn box but complete contents for $41. I'm rather shocked that this massive Fantasy Warriors Goblin War Giant went for around $60, considering it is complete and includes the box. Someone picked up just the giant from the same set for about $21, just because it's a big huge lead giant, no doubt. And what is up with Snit's Revenge??? This set of 4 blisters sold for $180. Tom Wham rules.

Leading Edge Games: The winner of this month's Big Ticket Item award goes to the seller who moved this totally fucking cool Colonial Marines Dropship kit for $330 USD! And that doesn't include shipping, if it went to someone outside the UK. Where's Spunkmeyer when you need him? Or you could have grabbed a total of 4 Aliens boxed sets for $112. Another glorious day in the Corps...

Ral Partha: This Menzoberranzan set went for $30, which is a bargain considering it had one of the 11-series Drow blisters thrown in, and the fact that the Drizzt mini in this set often commands $20 to $30+ alone! Huma's Silver Dragon continues to do well, with this set going for $77. Planescape sets always seem to pull in around $50, as evidenced by this Powers of Conflict for $53 and this still in shrink Powers of Law for $66. On the BattleTech front, the average Mech does OK, and some do better than others, like Warhammers - three for $40 in this lot. Much like my Atlas, I would very much like to add a Warhammer to my display collection one day down the road. Can we get a Molydeus sighting? How about one that is missing the snake, but still commanded close to $40? And some resin elementals sold for $75, no doubt because they were part of a color test, and not the final selection.

Reaper: DOOM on you! Or at least, doom on your bank account if you collect Reaper's DOOM minis. This carded Cacodemon sold for $123, along with the Pain Elemental for $91.

Steve Jackson Games: This lot of OGRE minis went for a cool $262, including the rules. I've always wanted to add a Mk. III or Mk. V OGRE to my collection, just because they are totally badass. This smaller lot of a Mk. III and V (with a couple of GEVs) went for $168 - still too rich for my blood, but cool nonetheless. The same seller also moved this very rare Ral Partha Mk. IV for $214! The Johnny Reb paintjob is pretty sweet, and I'm sure Bo and Luke Duke would approve.

To wrap things up, this vintage Armory catalog sold for just under $100. I would love to have a hardcopy myself, but not at that price. I'm not saying it's not worth it, just that I'm too cheap to go that high.

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Anonymous said...

As always, thanks for posting this report! Some 15 or 20 years ago I threw out most of my old boxes from my Grenadier and Partha minis, thinking, "Who is ever going to want a stupid box"? Of course I wouldn't willingly sell my minis, but seeing things sell for 3x more because they have the box makes me a little ill. :(