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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Favorite Character I Have Played

My current character (Wizard 13) is on the cusp of taking a level in Archmage - next level, as a matter of fact. I have had a lot of fun being the party's arcane Wave Motion Gun, and can only hope I survive long enough to tack on a few more levels of Archmage. All sorts of possibilities await! So as much as love my fighters and clerics, I will go with Garrity as my favorite.

I'm going to have to go back through my pile of character sheets to get the facts straight, but I'm pretty sure one of my cavaliers had a weapon known as Big Steel the Giant Cleaver or something along those lines. If I remember correctly, it came from Verbosh, and it was a monty-ass two-handed sword. The drawback, it turns out, was a rather high chance for it to break every time it was used. But lady luck was with me back then, and I want to say it survived much longer than it should have. All I remember is by the time it finally broke, we caused a lot of damage, death, and mayhem. Good times, good times.

UPDATE: Found it! Verbosh - Schuwang-Nau Tower (gotta love those old JG names!) - page 69 - Room 75. Stats are as follows:

Faltsteel The Giant Cleaver (Renamed Big Steel The Giant Cleaver in our campaign)
+5 Vorpal Two-Handed Sword
Int 14, Ego 3
Communicates with owner
Triple Damage
Flame on command
Dancing (after 3rd round)
Ring of Regeneration (in combat only)
Strength (+1-4 points) says "plus 1-4 TIMES normal strength" in Verbosh. Wow!
See Invisible Objects
Locate Traps
Locate Secret Doors
Locate Sloping Passages
Detect Magic
Detect Evil
Detect Gold
Detect Gems (amount and value)

If used in battle, there is a 90% chance per turn or melee round that the blade will shatter into a million pieces and can never be repaired, even with a wish spell. The owner will be so shocked and stunned when it breaks they must wait 1-4 rounds before drawing another weapon. I don't know if Ned went by that 90% break chance or not, but even if it was 50%, the sword still beat the odds for a decent stretch.

On my weapons sheet, the word *BROKEN* is written in red sharpie next to Big Steel. Wah! But like I said, it was fun while it lasted.

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