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Friday, September 27, 2013

Future Character to Play

I have always wanted to play a svirfneblin in our 3.5 FR campaign. There have been a couple of planetouched characters, but I'm really curious how a deep gnome PC would compare to typical characters over the course of the campaign with regards to advancement. Do their racial abilities really make that much of a difference? My inclination is to say yes.

The deep gnomes have fascinated me ever since they first appeared in the D series (D2, I believe). What's not to like about a reclusive, naturally magical race of subterranean gnomes? To me, the iconic character selection would be a deep gnome wizard (illusionist), but I would rather go with a rogue or ranger. Hopefully I don't get to play one anytime soon, because I'm not ready to part ways with my elf wizard at this time.

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