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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Favorite Die/Dice

My favorite dice are the ones I currently use. I can't say they have been particularly lucky of late (especially my wizard's sad streak of seven consecutive 1s on hit point rolls between 2nd to 7th level), but hey, that's dice for ya!

Papa needs a new pair of Elven Boots!

And then there's some of my oldest dice, long since retired. Worn and faded d20s, and of course the always fun but hard to read crystal jobs. Plenty of memorable crits and fumbles in those, for sure.

 Oldies but goodies.

My rarest die has to be a large green marbled d6 I picked up during my stint at WoTC. It seems to be a GenCon giveaway from the 90s, so it sits on my shelf, looking good but not being used.

Shown with a standard d6 for scale reference.

And lastly is my set of 36 small d6s, still waiting to be employed in a WH40K game. They have been patiently waiting for over a decade, so what's another couple of years?

We serve Lion El'Jonson!

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