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Monday, September 16, 2013

Favorite Monster - Aberration

Carrion Crawler. What? A creature that does 0 damage? Ah, but that's the beauty behind the crawler's appeal to me. How many times has your character been attacked 8 times, been hit 3-4 times, and forced you to save 3-4 times or be taken out of the fight?

The best carrion crawler miniature out there is the Citadel AD&D version - ADD72. The second best would be Otherworld's Carcass Scavengers (this one and this one). I have never been a fan of Heritage's Carrion Worm.

Honorable Mention for aberration is another zero damage critter - the Rust Monster!

Put one or more of each in a room and watch the entire party scream like girls. Hours of fun for sadistic DMs.

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