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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Favorite Playable Class

Oh crap, how am I supposed to pick just one??? Looking back over the past 35 years, it's pretty safe to say that I seem to gravitate towards fighters. The brave, stalwart warrior wading into combat, sword flashing, bellowing battle-cries and all that heroic stuff. Hoo-ah!

One of my most memorable hackers was my first Cavalier. It was thanks to his many "look-at-me-I-can-still-function-at-negative-hit-point-levels" escapades that prompted our DM to make one of his more noteworthy nerfs in our gaming history. Still, it saved our bacon on more than one occasion. And he entered a jousting tournament one time, and made it to the final battle for all the marbles, where I promptly rolled back-to-back crits on the trusty d20 and won the day. Good times.

After a couple of years in our 3.5 FR campaign, I need to say this about the non-fighters in our party:

Rogue - the rogue is a freaking DPS machine in combat (assuming he can get into sneak attack position on a consistent basis), as well as the usual trap-finding sneaky-sneak kind of fellow rogues are supposed to be.

Cleric - I love our crusty little dwarf cleric! He is tough (AC and HPs right up there with fighters), his shield other spell is money, and he can dish out the pain, mostly via spell. Oh, and there's that healing business too. Medic!

Wizard - Garrity (my wizard) is the first wizard I have advanced into double-digit levels. I must say, I am totally digging it! Although the fighter in me is not happy with how soft and squishy the wizard can be. Just sayin'...

UPDATE: I had to dig through my archives, but it was worth it! Here's some additional character selection data, along with how the tournament mentioned above really went down:

(roughly sorted in chronological order, newest to oldest)
Wizard 13th (my active character)
Wizard/Fighter 8th/1st
Paladin 9th
Cleric 9th
Cleric 9th
Fighter/Illusionist 8th/9th
Cleric 9th
Cavalier 11th
Ranger 5th
MU/Assassin 4th/5th
Cleric/Fighter 5th/5th
Fighter 4th
Paladin 5th
Elementalist 7th (homebrew class Ned and I worked up)
Fighter/Elementalist 6th/7th
Cavalier 5th
Cavalier/Paladin 6th
Ranger 15th
Fighter 8th
Cleric 9th
Fighter 13th
Fighter 19th

And going way, WAY back, a pair of my oldest characters:

Fighter 30th
Thief 25th

I might have to start a column where I go back and showcase my old dead/missing/retired characters. But I'll need to get a scanner first so you can actually see my old sheets.

3/26 (year unknown, sometime in the late 80s or thereabouts)
"Lehrin (my cavalier) enters Jousting Tournament - and on not one, not two, but THREE consecutive crits, he defeats his first three opponents. The fourth & final is vanquished in two passes, and the Arch-Duke of Lankhmar presents him with the Tournament Trophy."

Also noted on the same day is the unfortunate passing of our party's housekeeper at the hands of one of our antagonists:

"Jimmy the Houseboy slain by the nefarious Drow Assassin Ny'Oreen Eragdazz."

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